Open Enrollment Through August 31 for PEEHIP, Humana Vision Insured



Office of Human Resources



TO:                             JSU Employees

FROM:                       Office of Human Resources

DATE:                        July 1, 2013

SUBJECT:                 Open Enrollment 2013


The 2013-2014 Open Enrollment period started on July 1 and will continue through August 31 for changes to become effective October 1.  Again this year PEEHIP will NOT mail the Open Enrollment Booklets to members, instead all active and retired members should have received or will be receiving a one page notice, which will inform you of the current coverage you are enrolled and specifics of the open enrollment period. PEEHIP has the Open Enrollment booklet available on their website now and it can also be found on the HR Open Enrollment page. Members can download the information and forms, or members can make changes using the Member Online system (highly recommended). 

All Open Enrollment forms MUST be mailed directly to PEEHIP and postmarked no later than August 31 for the PEEHIP office to accept the request. Members will have until September 10 to make open enrollment changes through the Member Online Services system.  To get more information on the online system please go to the RSA Website at and click the “Member Online Services” link on the left side of the page.  For those members who do not have internet access and cannot download the information, they can contact PEEHIP at 877-517-0020 to have a packet mailed.

Members who want to enroll or continue participation in the PEEHIP Flexible Spending Accounts and the Federal Poverty Level Premium Discount program, are REQUIRED to re-enroll each year. These two programs do not automatically renew each year without a new application, regardless to whether or not you are making changes.


If you do not wish to make changes to your PEEHIP coverage, do not complete the open enrollment application (with the exceptions of the above mentioned plans). You will automatically remain enrolled in the same or existing plan(s). Your monthly premium will continue to be deducted from your paycheck.


The Open Enrollment period for the Humana Vision Plan starts July 1 and ends August 31 for changes to become effective October 1st. The Humana plan is not part of the PEEHIP benefits package; this is a stand alone plan and Open Enrollment forms can be picked up and should be returned to the Office of Human Resources (329 Bibb Graves Hall) no later than August 31.  If you are currently enrolled in PEEHIP’s Vision plan and are planning to change to Humana or vice versa you must remember to cancel the other coverage; this does NOT happen automatically.  Failing to cancel the other coverage will result in your being enrolled and paying premiums for both vision plans for an entire plan year.  If you do not need to make changes to your CompBenefits Vision Plan, then you NEED TO DO NOTHING.

For more information on PEEHIP changes please READ the PEEHIP Advisors that are being mailed to you monthly from PEEHIP or refer to PEEHIP’s website at  As always if you have questions regarding these and other JSU Benefits, please feel free to contact the Office of Human Resources at ext. 8893.