JSU E-mail Outage


The JSU E-mail System (GEM) will be down today (6/17/2013) after 4:30 to accommodate software upgrades.  The upgrades are being installed to address security bulletins and implement feature enhancements available in the newer version of Zimbra.  We regret any inconvenience this may cause and will do everything possible to minimize the time of this outage. Barring any unforeseen issues, the system should be back on line by 11:00 PM this evening.

Note: Users that are using the themes JSU_1, JSU_2, or JSU_3, will need to change them to a new version named JSU1, JSU2, or JSU3.  The upgrade will require these users to select the new JSU themes or a default theme will be selected. JSU1 and JSU2 should appear as red with light gray.  JSU3 should appear as dark and light gray.