Let Universities Control Distance Learning- Call to Action from the Higher Education Partnership


The Higher Education Partnership is calling for all of our members and friends of the public universities to take a stand before Monday, May 20. House Bill 123 is in a position to pass the legislature on Monday. It is a bill that allows the universities to have control over the amount that is charged for distance learning courses. Currently, the bill is awaiting Senate floor action. House Bill 123 is important for the universities because distance learning is revenue positive.

Alabama's public universities stand to lose more than $75 million if the bill does not pass. More importantly, the university employees working in distance learning want to keep their jobs. If the bill does not pass then the value of the distance learning product becomes debatable. Ultimately, if the value is not retained, then jobs of more than 200 employees would be in jeopardy.

The Partnership would like for the Senators to pass House Bill 123 so the distance learning programs can be retained and will remain an important component in the overall program of work at the institutions. 

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