SGA Spring General Elections Will Be March 21


UPDATED- March 18, 2013

The JSU Student Government announces the Spring General Election, which will be held via online ballot on March 21.

Students can hear the candidates for SGA President, Vice President of Student Senate (VPSS), Vice President of Organizational Affairs (VPOA) and Vice President of Student Activities (VPSA) in a public debate on March 18 at 7 p.m. in the Theron Montgomery Building Auditorium.

Online voting will take place at from 12:01 a.m. - 5 p.m. on March 21. Students should check GEM and the JSU Public Relations website for voting instructions on the day prior to elections. Should a runoff election be necessary, it will be held on April 2.

Below are the candidates for SGA Elections, including SGA officers and senators, and candidates for Mr. and Miss Jax State and Mr. and Miss Friendly.

SGA Spring General Election Candidates 2013 

SGA President

  • Krystal A. Hardy
  • Jade A. Wagner


SGA Vice President of Student Senate

  • Mark-Anthony Carter
  • Brett A. Johnson


SGA Vice President of Student Activities

  • Mariah C. Allen
  • Kelsey M. Mann


SGA Vice President of Organizational Affairs

  • Randolph L. James
  • Jeremy D. Potts
  • Leinin C. Schuerr
  • Ariel S. Tolson

SGA Senator

1.  Mason A. Aldridge

2.  Tyler J. Brown

3.  Kalyn A. Cabral

4.  Patrick R. Cosby

5. Courtney C. Curtis

6. Trenton N. Ford

7. Allysa R. Gentry

8.  Tiffany M. Gorham

9.  Angie Higgins

10.  Kadeem J. Hubbard

11.  Philipa C. Johnson

12.  Angelique M. Killebrew

13.  Jacqulyn M. Law

14.  Jimmeka M. Leverette

15.  Lemonte D. Long

16.  Kelly K. Manley

17.  Caleb S. Matthews

18.  Shelby L. McDonough

19.  Kelli B. McLaughlin

20.  Addie J. Minton

21.  Rebecca P. Nash

22. Margaret E. Nevels

23. Amber P. Owens

24.  Angel N. Preston

Miss Jax State

  • Morgan Ingram
  • Ariah J.  Jackson
  • Alex B. Rainwater
  • Jade L. Scott

Mr. Jax State

  • Darrick J. English
  • Kadeem J. Hubbard
  • Joshua J. Robinson

Mr. Friendly

  • Nicholas J. Charles
  • Mitchell W. Freeman
  • Levi J. Hulsey


Miss Friendly

  • Bailee B. Mills
  • Kristen E.  Dempsey
  • Radrequia O. Finley
  • Makenzie E. Sherrell