Students Should Choose Fall 2012 Resident Dining Meal Plan Before September 4


Students who are living on campus in Crow, Curtiss, Daugette, Dixon, Fitzpatrick, Logan, Patterson, Sparkman or Stadium Tower need to choose a fall resident dining meal plan.  If you will be living in one of these locations during the Fall 2012 semester your MyJSU account will be billed $1,375 for the meal plan. It is now up to you to tell us which plan you want.  If you do not choose a plan you will be placed on the default plan of 8 meals per week with $350 flex for the semester.  If you want anything other than the default plan, please register at  For the most accurate results fill out a registration form on the website listed above with the plan of your choice. You will receive a confirmation number that you'll need to save for future reference if needed. 

Even if you have already chosen a plan on your housing application it is extemely important that you re-register on the dining website to ensure accuracy. 

Your meal plan will begin on August 21, 2012 with the dinner meal.  The last day to change your plan is September 4, 2012.  If you have questions please call 256-782-7242 or email