Instructions for Student Voting- April 5 SGA Spring General Elections


Following are instructions for online, student-only voting in the SGA Spring General Elections, which will take place on Thursday, April 5, with a possible run-off on April 10. The online ballot will be open from 12:01 a.m. - 5 p.m. CST. Please note that there will only be one ballot per student ID number.

Instructions for Student Voting - SGA Spring General Election

  1. Go to the following link:
  2. At the log on page, you will enter your "MyJSU" username in the field that states - "Username"
  3. You will enter the last four digits of your JSU student ID number in the field that states - "Password"
  4. Once you are logged in, you will be at the home page of the SGA Spring General Elections ballot.
  5. You will click on "SGA Spring General Elections"
  6. After doing so, you will be directed to the ballot page. You will then be allowed to select your candidates.
  7. Once you make your selections,  you will progress to the final page to place your vote. Your vote(s) will not be placed until you click the green "VOTE" button on the page.
  8. If you need to edit your votes, you can do so by clicking the "EDIT" button on the final ballot page. Therefore please remember, "do not click the 'VOTE' button until you are absolutely sure of your selections."
  9. Once you click the "VOTE" button, you will not be allowed to change your selections and you will be directed to the "Vote Confirmation" page.
  10. At the "Vote Confirmation Page" you will be allowed to print out a confirmation receipt, if you so choose. Once you arrive at this page you may sign-out or close the window to complete the voting process.
  11. Computers will be available on campus from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm at the following locations: 
    • Self Hall Rooms - Rooms 240 and 241
    • Houston Cole Library - 10th Floor Lab
    • Theron Montgomery Building (TMB) - Room 304 and the Food Court
    • Jack Hopper Dining Hall (the Cafeteria) - Lobby area
    • Merrill Hall - Rooms 103, 106, 115 and 200

SGA Spring General Election Candidates 2012

Jason Sumner
T. Bryant Whaley

Vice President of Student Senate
Justin Johnson
Delisha Ledford
Jade Wagner

Vice President of Organizational Affairs
Jeremy Potts
Chris Stokes

Vice President of Student Activities
Alexandria Rainwater

Joshua Adams
Mariah Allen
Skyler Bass
La’Asia Bell
Sarah Blair
Nicholas Brown
Briaunna Buckner
Kalyn Cabral
Caitlin Campbell
Alexandra Carnes
Desmond Chandler
Christopher Conde
Morgan Drummond
Christal Echoles
Sean Glaster
Matovu Godfrey
Randolph James
Brett Johnson
Abby Manus
Meghan McClure
Joseph Meggs
Christopher Moon
Salimatu Nelson
Samantha Noblitt
Matthew Price
Jessica Ross
Darien Spruill
Jon Stone
Jonathan Stringer
Ariel Tolson
Jackson Veasey
Jayme Wagner
Brittany White

Miss Jax State
Amanda Cave
Ashley Cofield
Angela Marino
Alexandria Rainwater
Madison Staton
Mr. Jax State
Todd Garrison
Levi Hulsey
Paul Killen
Trevon Smith
Miss Friendly
Holly McCormick
Anna Slagle
Lauren Sutton
Natasha Williams
Kristin Young
Mr. Friendly
Kevin Brant
Kaleb Cargal
Nicholas Charles
Chris Conde