MTV's MADE Conducts Casting Call at JSU on Feb. 29


The producers of MTV's three-time Emmy-award-winning series, MADE, are looking for college students who want an opportunity to change the rest of their lives. On Wednesday, February 29, they'll bring their search to Jacksonville State University.

The theme of MADE is this: Take an individual with big dreams who needs help making that dream come true. Anything goes- losing weight, getting a chance at stardom, finding love, starting a business or maybe even landing a dream internship.

"There are tons of students out there with unlimited potential. But in these difficult times, some are having trouble figuring out what their next step in life should be," reads a press release from the MADE producers.

"MTV wants to help create opportunities for these students to find their paths. They have a great education, but they need real world experience. Or perhaps they need the inspiration to follow their true passion. In every episode they will have to make hard decisions and determine if the risks are worth the reward."

The casting call at JSU, which takes place on Feb. 29 from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m., will consist of interviews with only one or two MADE crew members. A sign up sheet has been posted in the Office of Student Life in the Theron Montgomery Building. Any hopefuls are encouraged to sign up soon, as there will be a limited number of interviews available. Those chosen for interviews will be contacted on Tuesday, Feb. 28 via email with information about where their on-campus interviews will take place.

After the initial casting process, if MTV is interested in a student's story, they will conduct a more thorough interview with the applicant and family. If they decide to feature the student in a full episode, they will send a small crew to film the segment.

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