Annual Holocaust Remembrance Program

2023 Holocaust Remembrance Program

Date: Tuesday, 18 April 2023
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Speaker: Brenda Hancock | Speaker Biography
Location: Merrill Hall Auditorium
Program Description: As a second-generation Holocaust survivor, Brenda Hancock learned from her mother, Nicole (Cecile Widerman) Holland, and her uncle, Robert (Widerman) Clary, how the Nazi regime destroyed their idyllic childhood on Ile St. Louis in Paris, France.  Unlike her uncle and thirteen other members of their immediate family in Paris, her mother managed to escape Nazi-occupied Paris and joined the Forces Françaises De L’Interieur, the French Resistance, first as a courier and later in the war as the only woman traveling with her group of fighters, liberating towns on their way to Germany.  Robert, after 31 months of incarceration in the camps at Ottmuth, Blechhammer, Gross Rosen, and Buchenwald, was the only survivor of the family members taken to concentration camps.  As her uncle said during his presentations for the Simon Wiesenthal Center, there will come a time when all those who lived through the Holocaust will no longer be alive to testify.  Hancock has shared her family stories through One of the Lucky Ones, her mother’s biography, and Talent Luck Courage, a memoir in which she blends her mother’s survival with that of her uncle.  In addition, she speaks to schools as well as religious and civic organizations, sharing their story of survival, courage, and hope for a world ruled by love instead of hatred.    

Remembrance Program Archives (1982-2022)

Contains information on past remembrance programs, including streaming video, newspaper articles, photos, program flyers, and more.

Imagining the Holocaust Writing Contest
The Department of English at Jacksonville State University has “reimagined” the Imagining the Holocaust Writing Contest for middle and high school students to include new categories in commemorative poetry, creative nonfiction, and multimodal composition. The top three middle and high school students in each category will win cash prizes: 1st - $150, 2nd - $100, 3rd - $50. Teachers of the 1st place winners will receive a $150 classroom grant. The contest deadline is February 20. Additionally, the program has expanded to include classroom grants for middle and high school teachers up to $600 and separate teaching circle grants of $1500 each to one middle and one high school teaching circle. The deadline for grant proposals is February 1. Teachers must use their funds for tangible materials to assist them in teaching the Holocaust and its literature in the classroom. Please see the Imagining the Holocaust website for more information.

Contact Program Planners
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National Days of Remembrance
The national Days of Remembrance program observed by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

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