Master of Social Work - Guidelines for Preparing the Social Problem Analysis

Guidelines for Preparing the Social Problem Analysis (~700-900 words)

This analysis must be included in your application for admission. The analysis should be a carefully prepared document that is typed and double-spaced, with 1-inch margins and 10-12 font. Please place your name at the top right hand margin on each page and number pages at the bottom center.

The analysis should describe a social problem specific to rural/non-urban areas.

Identify a social problem, describe the problem, and discuss varying perspectives on the issues and groups impacted. Use the tips below for completing your analysis. 

  • Identify the social problem. 
  • What makes this a problem? 
  • What contributing factors exist to the cause or worsen the problem? 
  • What prevention efforts are there or should there be to reduce or eliminate the problem. 
  • What challenges exist to proposed solution(s)? 
  • Why in your opinion should society be concerned about this issue? 
  • What role do you envision yourself playing as a social worker in addressing this issue? 
  • What role is the social work profession currently playing in addressing this issue?