Gamecock Arts Summer Program

Join Us June 4-9, 2023!

Camps for 2023


The 2023 Gamecock Arts Summer Program will feature the following camps: 

 Visual Arts Camp

  • This program will give students insight into what it is like to be a college level designer and artist in the JSU Department of Art & Design.

 Musical Theatre Camp

  • Young actors have the opportunity to participate in Jacksonville Opera Theatre’s

    summer musical. Segments of the camp will include voice, choreography, and ensemble work.

 Creative Writing Camp

  • Focus on fostering craft and developing your skills in the genres of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction through workshops, lectures, and readings.

Film Camp

  • An introduction to the art of film making utilizing professional processes for writing, shooting and lighting digital film projects.

 Cosplay Bootcamp 

  • A variety of hands on projects to increase your sewing, design, make-up, and patternmaking skills for Cosplay and costume design. 

We can't wait to learn with you! 

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What is GASP?

The Gamecock Arts Summer Program (GASP) is an opportunity for high school students aged 14-18 to experience college-level art and performance activities. This program is geared towards talented students who are serious about furthering their Arts and Humanities Education. The classes and workshops will be taught by faculty and graduate students of the Art & Design, Film & Theatre, Music, and English departments. In addition to participating in workshops, performances, and art shows, the students will also have recreational time on campus, as well as dining at the Jack Hopper Dining Hall or TMB. 

The 2023 GASP camps will be Sunday evening- Friday afternoon. The camps will be held separately, but recreation time will allow the students to come together and collaborate. 

For more information on individual camps, please see the pages in the navigation bar. 

For questions or concerns, please email Program Manager Morgan Worsham at

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