Little River Canyon

Little River Canyon Field School represents the northern corridor area for the JSU Field Schools while Talladega Mountains Field School covers the southern end. 

The River and Canyon

The canyon area is extraordinary in both its geology and biology. As the river winds through its course, nearly 600 feet deep at some locations, it creates a mosaic of micro-habitats that support unique assemblages of plants and animals. A few of these plants and animals are known to exist only on Lookout Mountain. A number of plant, fish, insect, and amphibian species are federally listed as threatened or endangered.

The canyon has been described as the "Grand Canyon of the East." It is one of the most extensive, picturesque canyon systems in the eastern United States, offering some of the deepest gorges this side of the Mississippi River. Inspiration and serenity can be found here amid scenic views of amazing waterfalls and sheer cliff walls. Little River Canyon has been designated as a "Natural Wonder" of ecological and scenic significance by the Alabama Environmental Council. Little River has been classified as an "Outstanding National Resource Water," which is the strongest level of protection possible for state waterways.

Little River Canyon Center

JSU Field Schools has opened the Little River Canyon interpretive center in February 2009. Check back for updates.

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