Vaccine Incentive Program

Cocky Vaccine Please note: JSU's vaccine incentive program ended on October 15, 2021. 

Alabama has the lowest COVID-19 vaccination rate in the nation – and ranks 48th among new cases of the virus and 49th among hospital admissions as of August 4, 2021 – according to While the university is not requiring students, faculty and staff to become vaccinated before Fall 2021, we are encouraging all eligible candidates to get vaccinated, as directed by their doctor, to protect our campus and community.

In an effort to increase the number of vaccinated students and employees this fall, the university is launching an incentive program supported by federal funds.

The university previously announced it would distribute gift cards to the vaccinated. However, to offer participants more flexibility in how to spend their reward, the program has been revised to instead offer $100 payments. Students registered for fall classes and all university employees may be eligible, including working retirees, adjunct faculty, full-time and part-time students, and dual enrollment students. Please review the following details to determine eligibility and how to claim your incentive.

How to Claim Your Incentive

  • Log in to MyJSU
  • Click the Vaccination Incentive Form link at the top of the page
  • If your first shot was received on or after July 15, 2021, please select from the drop-down menu to report the date of your first vaccine:
    • If the first shot was received on or after July 15, 2021 and no later than September 15, 2021, you will be entered in a drawing for one of four $1,000 awards (one winner for faculty, one winner for staff, and two winners for students).
    • You must upload your vaccination card* (in .jpg or .pdf format) as evidence of your first vaccine by midnight September 15, 2021 to be eligible for the drawing, which will occur on September 16, 2021.
    • More details regarding the drawing will be communicated later.
  • If you completed your vaccination series prior to July 15, 2021, please click the link to verify your vaccination status for the $100 incentive payment.
    • You must upload your vaccination card* (in .jpg or .pdf format) as evidence of a completed Pfizer or Moderna series or evidence of one Johnson and Johnson vaccine.
  • If you are still awaiting your second dose of the vaccine, you will need to log in after receiving that second dose to provide proof for the $100 incentive payment.

* For auditing purposes, the university must verify proof of vaccination for those participating in the voluntary Vaccine Incentive Program. This information will only be reviewed by full-time accounting staff charged with this responsibility and will be kept confidential.

Please Note: All $100 incentives must be claimed no later than midnight on October 15, 2021.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Faculty/Staff - First Shot

Faculty/Staff - Second Shot

Faculty/Staff - Johnson and Johnson Vaccine

Students - First Shot

Students - Second Shot

Students - Johnson and Johnson Vaccine

About Your Payment

For Employees:

  • The $100 incentive will be paid by check, separate from your salary and wages, to the home address on file with the university. Please make sure your mailing address is up to date in MyJSU.

For Students:

  • You will be able to indicate on the Vaccination Incentive Form if you prefer the $100 to be applied to your student account or if you want the $100 sent directly to you.
  • Students selecting the direct payment option will receive the $100 payout via direct deposit if they have that set up on their student account. Otherwise, it will be sent by check to the home address on file with the university. Students should make sure their address is correct in MyJSU.

Need a Copy of Your Card?

If you are vaccinated and have misplaced your card, you will need to request another one by contacting the location or entity that administered your vaccine.

Have Questions?


Thank you for your participation in the vaccine incentive program!