COVID-19 Update: July 1, 2020

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

We learned that two of our students who live off-campus tested positive for COVID-19 yesterday. One of those students attended an off-campus event with 26 other JSU students this past weekend. In the final analysis, we determined that 26 people were exposed to the virus at this JSU-sponsored event. The two who tested positive will be in self-isolation for two weeks. The 26 who were exposed have been notified and have been asked to self-quarantine till July 10th.

This is unfortunate for all involved. We do hope that their illness is mild and brief and that no others become infected. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of two important things. First, if you feel ill or have been around someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, please stay home; do not risk the health of others. Second, we have a mandatory mask policy at JSU. You must wear a mask or face covering if you are on campus or at any activity or event sponsored or endorsed by a JSU organization, including those that occur on or off organizational premises. If we all did this, we would greatly reduce the risk of this viral threat. Recently, there has been an uptick of cases in the State of Alabama and in Calhoun County. Please, let us all do our part as responsible adults to minimize the threat of COVID-19.

Finally, we wanted to let you know that JSU is collaborating with the University of Alabama at Birmingham to set up mandatory testing of all JSU students, faculty, and staff before the beginning of the fall semester. The details for our participation in “Testing for Alabama” will be worked out next week and shared with all of you. Multiple testing locations will be established to accomplish this.

Campus leaders continue to prepare us for challenges that lie ahead. Our Pandemic Ready program is helping us get there. Public safety is and always will be our number one priority.


Dr. Jeff Ryan
Dr. Oye Akisanya
Dr. Phyllis Waits
COVID-19 Task Force