Pass/No Credit Grading Option

JSU Students,

This message regarding the P/NC Grading Option is the one President Killingsworth promised earlier this week. Lots of information has already been posted to the JSU website, shared on social media, and provided to you via email and through advisors. Now that we are close to grades being posted and the P/NC Grading Option Request Form becoming available, you are receiving this final summary of the policy and process.

A comprehensive listing of information is available online. Before submitting a P/NC request, students must read the Frequently Asked Questions at this link, which provides a list of majors, courses, and programs that cannot participate; explanations of the various options; and warnings for students in certain populations (athletes, financial aid, military benefits, etc.).

A video to help you navigate the P/NC Grading Option and apply for a grade change is available here. Please watch this video if you are considering the P/NC Grade Option. And remember that graduating students have until May 4 at 3:30 p.m. to submit a request; other students have until May 8 at 3:30 p.m.

Some quick facts on the P/NC Grading Option:

  • The P/NC Grading Option is available for Spring 2020 grades only.
  • “P” grades mean “Passing” and do not affect GPA.
  • “NC” grades mean “No Credit” and do not affect GPA, but the courses also do not count for graduation and could have financial aid consequences.
  • Course grades of “F” will automatically convert to “NC” before grades are viewable for all programs and courses participating in the option.
  • Students may opt to change only one course grade, two course grades, or more, as the situation demands.
  • Students may request that grades of “B” and “C” be changed to “P.”
  • Student athletes, continuing students on financial aid, and students using military benefits are encouraged to consult with the appropriate advisors in those offices before requesting a P or NC grade change.
  • The P/NC Grade Request Form will be available on May 1 at 4 p.m. in MyJSU.

JSU’s P/NC Grading Option was created to assist students during this challenging semester to mitigate reductions in GPA due to circumstances beyond the student’s control. We hope that this information helps those interested in choosing the P/NC Grading Option.

Thank you,
JSU Academic Affairs Leadership Team