Unique Courses

Gamecocks, it’s time to start creating your schedule and registering for the Spring 2023 semester. While you are selecting your class schedule, consider enrolling in one of our many unique courses. Whether you are interested in content creation, Bollywood cinema or court cases, there is a unique course for you at Jacksonville State University!

Spring 2023

  • EH 435: Creative Collective - Interested in building your portfolio by creating content for real-world clients? In this Professional Writing course, you will be part of a student creative team who collaborates to produce documents and print and digital media through research, writing, design, editing, and project management.
  • EIM 517: Designing Virtual Learning Spaces - Learn about the best practices of quality online classes in this course. Students will plan, design, and develop online instructional materials with a focus on collaboration and interactivity to improve the educational experience of the user.
  • FCS 471: Family Housing and Interiors - This course provides an overview of present-day family housing needs, such as location, space needs, house construction and selection, alternative housing, and home furnishings.
  • FI 455: Social Media Investigations - Since we spend so much time on social media, it is no surprise that these platforms have become valuable information for all kinds of criminal investigations. This course will provide an overview of the current state of digital forensic investigation of social media networks, state law, implications of privacy, future trends, and other controversial areas.
  • HY 365: History of Video Games - Calling all video game lovers! Have you ever wondered how video games started? In this course, you can learn about the history of video games from early computer technologies to mobile applications.
  • HY 423: Historical Bollywood - Welcome to Bollywood, the world’s largest film industry! In this course, students will explore the ways in which significant historical events are commemorated in Indian cinema. Several key points in the nation’s history will be studied by watching Bollywood productions.
  • PSC 493: The Judicial Process - We have all heard the phrase ‘innocent until proven guilty,’ but how does the court go about proving guilt or innocence? In this course, students will learn about the procedures involved in the judicial process and will even have the opportunity to attend actual court trials in the local area.
  • SH 315: Hispanic Performance and Theatre - In this introductory course on theatre throughout the Hispanic world, students will engage in a mix of theory and practice as they study Hispanic performances.
  • SMR 311: Recreation for the Aged - Fitness is for all ages! In this course, students will gain knowledge about recreational activities that are suitable for older adults.
  • THR 388: Stage Costume History - Want to learn about the evolution of stage costumes? This course will cover the history of costumes as to styles, period fabrics, construction, and movement for theatrical performance.