Unique Courses for Summer 2024

a collage of images representing the unique course listings for summer 24

A well-rounded university education is more than completing a list of required courses. It's an opportunity for students to explore academic interests outside their plan of study, just for the joy of learning. This summer, students are invited to learn a hobby, acquire a skill or discover a new passion by taking the many electives offered at Jax State.

Registration begins March 11.

Nurture your creativity.

• ART 390: Photoshop Tools• EH 354: Creative Writing - Novel Bootcamp• EH 424: Film Studies - The Movie Musical

Take a journey into the past.

• HY 304: American Military History• HY 452: The Age of Jefferson and Jackson, 1783 to 1850• HY 476: Eastern/Asian Civilizations• HY 576: Tudor England

Sharpen your business skills.

• CBA 330: Business Professionalism• MKT 488: Advertising and Promotions• PSC 450: The American Executive

Manage your money.

• FIN 310: Entrepreneurial Finance• FIN 311: Personal Financial Planning


Trace human ancestry.

• AN 299: Anthropology Study Tour• AN 410: Archeological Field School

Improve your home life.

• FCS 122: Food Preparation and Meal Management• FCS 471: Housing and Interiors

Understand the media and AI.

• COM 307: Media Literacy• CS 444: Artificial Intelligence