Unique Courses

Hey, Gamecocks! It’s almost time to start planning your schedules for the 2023 Summer and Fall semesters. When you’re choosing which courses to take, consider enrolling in one of the many unique courses offered at Jacksonville State University. Taking a unique course is a great way to learn a new skill and add some fun to your semester.  

Summer 2023

  • CJ 310: Criminal Behavior and Rehabilitation Strategies – Have you ever wondered why people commit crimes? In this course you will study criminal behavior from a psychological perspective and learn which rehabilitation programs and strategies are most effective.
  • MBY 420: Coral Reef Ecology – Do you want to spend your summer in the Bahamas studying coral reef communities? We have the perfect course for you! Coral Reef Ecology examines the ecology of coral reefs and explores issues related to hurricanes, diseases, over-fishing, and pollution. Students in this course will participate in exercises near Dauphin Island and will take a one-week trip to Andros Island, Bahamas.
  • EH 322: Technical Writing – This course is beneficial for students of any major to take to learn important professional communication skills. In Technical Writing, you will learn how to write appropriate workplace correspondence, develop proposals, and create job documentations. You will finish the course with many excellent pieces for your professional portfolio.
  • HPE 112: Pickleball – Over the years, pickleball has become a big “dill” in the sports world. In this course, you will learn pickleball techniques and improve your agility and hand-eye coordination through drills and gameplay.
  • SY 310: Modern Family – No, we’re not talking about the television show. In this sociology course, you will study the origin and evolution of the modern family as a social institution, as well as how family is affected by religion, race, social class, and more.

Fall 2023

  • EH 205: Literature for Life I: Beginnings to 20th Century – If you like spooky television shows and stories, this class is a perfect fit for you! In this course, students will study transformative texts and themes in early literary history.
  • FI 425: Clandestine Burials – Criminal justice and forensic investigations majors might “grave”ly appreciate this course that focuses on clandestine burials. In this course, students will study how to locate clandestine graves, use cadaver dogs, and use ground penetrating radars to properly excavate graves and recover human remains.
  • GY 352: Geomorphology – Ever wondered about what shapes the landscape around us? This course will examine how issues such as land use, land cover, and human interaction affect geomorphic processes.
  • HPE 381: Inclusive Physical Education – Physical education is for everyone! In this course, students will learn about disabilities and motor limitations that may affect physical activity, and then learn skills and techniques to create meaningful individualized movement experiences for people with disabilities and motor limitations.
  • HY 420: Modern China – This course will explore historical themes in modern China from the last decades of the Qing Dynasty through the present, including a study of the challenging physical and social atmospheres.
  • PSY 422: Sport Psychology – Did you know that mental strength is just as important in sports as physical strength? Sport psychology studies how the mind influences an athlete’s performance in their chosen sport. This course introduces students to sport psychology, theories within the field, and practical applications to the sport and health industries.
  • SY 308: American Society and Culture – This course will examine the relationship between pop culture and society by focusing on the Harry Potter series. Some topics of discussion include: everyday acts of resistance at Hogwarts, representation in the wizarding world, power and control in the wizarding world, and social psychology of Hogwarts Houses. 
  • SH 419: Latin American Short Story –In this course, students will study some of Latin America’s best-known writers, focusing on the Latin American short story, its structure, and its meaning.
  • THR 290: Voice for the Actor – This acting course is designed to deepen character and ensemble acting. In this course, students will explore various vocal techniques, including diction, pronunciation, vocal placement, and character voice.