Please review the list to see which benefit you may be eligible for:
  1. Chapter 33 (Post 9/11 GI Bill) – Percentage of tuition, university fee, book stipend, and monthly check.  Percentage is based on time spent on active duty (basic training, AIT, and annual training do not count towards this percentage.)  (Can be Guard or Reserves but deployed or spent time as active duty.)
  2. Chapter 30 (Montgomery GI Bill Active Duty) – Monthly check.  Veteran would have paid into this while on active duty. 
  3. Chapter 1606 (Montgomery GI Bill Selected Reserves) – Monthly check.  National Guard or Reserves. 
  4. Chapter 35 (Dependents Education Assistance Program) – Monthly check.  Dependent of a veteran who is 100% permanently and totally disabled. 
  5. Chapter 31 (Vocational Rehab) – Tuition, books, supplies.  A VA Counselor decides if a veteran has an employment handicap based upon the results of the comprehensive evaluation. Entitlement to services is established if the veteran has a 20% service-connected disability and an employment handicap. If the disability is 10% service-connected, then a serious employment handicap must be found to establish entitlement to vocational rehabilitation services. A serious employment handicap is based on the extent of services required to help a Veteran overcome his or her service and non-service connected disabilities permitting the return to suitable career employment. After an entitlement decision is made, the veteran and the counselor will work together to develop a rehabilitation plan.
  6. Alabama State GI Dependent Scholarship – Tuition and books.  Dependent of a veteran who is at least 20% service related disabled.  The veteran must have been a permanent civilian resident of the State of Alabama for at least one year immediately prior to (a) the initial entry into active military service or (b) any subsequent period of military service in which a break (1 year or more) in service occurred and the Alabama civilian residency was established. Permanently service-connected veterans rated at 100% who did not enter service from Alabama, may qualify after establishing at least five years of permanent residency in Alabama immediately prior to the filing of an application or immediately prior to death, if deceased.
  7. Alabama National Guard Educational Assistance Program (ANGEAP) - This is a partial tuition reimbursement program for current Alabama National Guard (Army or Air Force) members who are in good standing with their units.  The Alabama Commission on Higher Education and the National Guard Education Service Office manages this program jointly. 

The applications for all federal benefits can be completed online on the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website.

It is recommended to complete the application online at that website so that the process of the application can be tracked by the VA. 

***It is important to print out and save a copy of the confirmation page because our office will need a copy of this in order to use the benefit here.***

To apply for the Alabama GI dependent Scholarship, you will visit the VA office in your county (or if not in Alabama, you will visit the nearest Alabama VA office.)  You will need the student's social security card, birth certificate for a child or marriage certificate for a spouse, and a recent (less than six months old) copy of the veteran rate letter (this is the letter from the VA that states the percentage of disability the veteran has.)

Have you completed your initial paperwork with our office?  If not, all of the requested paperwork for your benefit will be needed before your enrollment can be certified with the VA. 

If you have completed all of your paperwork, there are a couple of things that may be preventing you from being paid.  Have you completed a class registration form?  If not, you will have to complete this form before your enrollment can be certified with the VA.  If yes, and if you are using your Chapter 33 benefit, please keep in mind that it may take 4-6 weeks for the VA to process the payment to you.  If yes, and if you are using Chapter 30 or 1606, have you completed your WAVE on the last day of the month?  If not, you will need to do this before you can be paid.  If you have completed this step and you still haven't been paid, please contact our office. 

Payments from all federal VA educational benefits are made each month following the month of training. 

Example:  I go to school in August.  I will be paid for August in September.  I go to school in September, and I get paid for that period in October. 

This may happen for a number of reasons. 
  1. Payments are prorated for the amount of days in each month.  This means that if you attend school in a partial month (August and December for example) you will only be paid for the days that school was in for that term.  So if school starts on August 20th, you will only receive payment for twelve days. 
  2. Your entitlement may be exhausted.  The VA gives a set number of months for the benefit.  They determine a month as 30 days.  Once the time in the benefit is up, it will pay only the remainder of the benefit they have given you.  The end of the benefit usually results in a prorated amount. 
  3. You may have received a debt letter from the VA stating that you owe some money back to the VA.  If you did not respond to the debt letter by contacting debt management, or if you did respond and agreed to have the money taken out of your education check, this could result in your payment being less. 

For Chapter 33 students, if the VA paid for the class, you may owe the VA back the amount they paid.  If dropping the class reduces the hours by a different time scale (dropping below 12 hours means you are no longer full time, dropping below 9 hours means you are no longer ¾ time) this results in an overpayment of benefits, and the VA will be requesting some of the monthly stipend they sent to you back.

Any time a change is made to your enrollment you should immediately contact our office so we can submit this information to the VA in a timely manner.  This will help stop overpayments from happening.  Overpayments are going to cause a debt to the VA on your end.

This will vary based on the benefit you are wanting to use.

The first step is to apply to JSU and apply for the benefit you are using. 

For federal benefits, please click this link to find out what information we will need to process your benefit here at Jacksonville State University.

After you meet with your advisor (you will need to do this each semester before you can register), you will be given a pin to register with.  Visit www.jsu.edu and click the myjsu link.

Yes, we do have an active chapter of the Student Veterans of America here on campus.  Please stop by our office for contact information on how to get involved!

This will depend on the type of scholarship and the type of benefit you have.  Please contact our office so that we can discuss the specific benefits you are receiving, and how/if they can work together.

You will fill out the Request for Supplemental Certificate form and turn it in to the school your benefit is being used at.  If you are a student at JSU and transferring to another school, you will turn the form into Veteran Services here at JSU.  If you are coming to JSU, you will fill out the form and turn it into the Veterans office (or other appropriate office depending on the school) at your last school.  The school will fill out the requested information, send the form to the State VA in Montgomery, the State VA will verify how much benefit you have left, and send a new certificate to you and your new school.