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Enrollment Certification

Every Semester

  1. Set up a meeting with your Academic Advisor to set up your schedule for the following semester and get your registration code entered.
  2. Register for your classes during your priority registration period (military-connected students have a priority registration period that opens before most other student groups)
  3. Submit your Class Registration Form
    • Completing the Class Registration Form on this page does not mean you have registered for classes as you need to do that through your MyJSU portal. 
    • Please make sure to select the correct benefit on the registration form.  If you do not know which benefit you are using, please call or email to find out.  If this will be your first time using benefits, you will need to apply for and turn in all requested information before completing the registration form for our office. 
    • For course number, we only need the actual course number, not the section or the CRN.  EX: The course number for EH 101 is 101.

Things to Remember

- Remember, if you have not submitted your updated Certificate of Eligibility (COE) we cannot report to JSU that the VA will pay for your tuition.  Therefore, your classes are at risk of being dropped.  Please make sure to submit this COE every semester to our office to ensure that your classes are not dropped and that you receive timely payments from the VA.

- If you make any changes to your schedule by dropping or adding classes our office needs to be notified immediately by submitting an updated Class Registration Form. 

- If you have changed your major, you will need to complete a change of program form and turn that in along with the new course outline for your new program.  Our office needs both in order to continue to certify your enrollment to the VA. 

- If your address has changed, you will need to complete a change of address form.

- If you stop attending class and make an F, the last date of attendance will be reported to the VA and will result in an overpayment.  This will create a debt that the student will have to pay back to the VA. 

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