Faculty Resources

Lead Faculty

This is not an exhaustive list of responsibilities. Please refer to the Study Abroad Handbook and Risk Assessment and emergency response plan for education abroad.

The Office Of International House & Programs

  • Assist Faculty in understanding the Study Abroad Handbook
  • Submit the proposal to the Study Abroad Review Committee
  • If proposal is approved to be recommended, submit the memo to Associate Vice Provost, Provost, University Counsel and President for approval.
  • Once the program is approved, provide assistance to faculty with:
    • marketing of the program
    • pre-departure orientation for students
    • collection of emergency contact information and HIPAA or FERPA waiver as needed from students
    • collection of study abroad program fees
    • insurance enrollment information
    • passport and visa information
    • crisis management orientation with lead faculty
    • serve as point of contact for lead faculty once they depart the country
    • collect feedback from students once they return
    • information session with returning students