The legislative body of the SGA, The Student Senate, meets every Monday night at 6:00 PM during the Fall and Spring semesters in the TMB auditorium. This is a great time to voice a concern or participate in any of the Senate Committees. The following committees are made up of senators and concerned students: 

Bad Boys Beware! The Campus Safety Committee works with the University Police department to ensure the safety of JSU students at all times.

We the Gamecocks… The Constitution and Code of Laws Committee monitors and reviews the SGA constitution and Code of Laws for revision and improvements.

Love Your Professor? The Academic Affairs Committee is responsible for considering and making recommendations to the SGA, the faculty, and the administration on issues concerning academics.

Problems in your Crib? The Residence Life and Facilities Committee is responsible for working as a liaison between the SGA and the Department of University Housing in order to improve all campus living facilities.

Have Your Saved a Life Today? The Blood Drive Committee works with the American Red Cross to organize all SGA sponsored blood drives.

And the Winner Is… The Homecoming Committee organizes all homecoming week activities such as the parade, the pageant, and the half-time ceremony.

Got Ads? The Publicity Committee is the central advertising agent of the Student Government Association.

Higher Ed Deserves More! The STARS Committee helps with the Higher Education Partnership throughout the year. It helps push college and university education reform.

Get out and Vote! The Elections Committee is in charge of all student elections including Homecoming Court and Queen Elections and Spring General Elections.

If You are interested in being involved in any of these committees or would like to know more about the Student Senate, please contact the Office of Student Life: 256-782-5491.