Tutoring Services

The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) provides a range of academic support services which include tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, academic workshops, and mentoring.  JSU offers FREE tutoring to all students regardless of grade point average or classification.  The concept behind tutoring services at JSU is to model high quality, effective, academic skills, provide content-specific supplemental instruction, and create a connection to the institution.  Tutors must combine their content knowledge with empathy, honesty, hard work, humility, and humor.  The goal of ACE is to support the university's mission as a learning-centered institution.

  • Tutoring is available for any JSU student for most core courses
  • Tutoring is FREE as long as you are a JSU student
  • No appointment is necessary

Important Information About Summer 2020 Tutoring:

Online learning support provided by tutor.com and The Writing Center during summer 2020

The Division of Student Success is pleased to announce a partnership with tutor.com to provide online learning support to students during the summer semester 2020. Tutor.com provides students with access to over 3,000 online tutors and appointment availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Subjects cover a wide variety of courses types including mathematics, science, world languages, computer science, nursing and health sciences, history and social sciences, literature and business. Writing support will continue to be offered by The Writing Center.

To access tutor.com:

  • Log into Canvas
  • Select the tutor.com link in the navigation menu of your course
  • Create or sign in to tutor.com and select "Connect with a Tutor."

For more information, visit www.tutor.com/higher-education For access to tutor.com, students simply need to log into or email dmjames@jsu.edu 

Faculty who are interested in learning more about tutor.com features and how tutor.com can assist with improved student learning outcomes, feel free to contact Tim King at tbking@jsu.edu  or visit the client care center www.tutor.com/clientcareHEd

Tutoring Centers

ACE/Theron Montgomery Building (Main Office) 

Ayers Hall (Room 265) 

Martin Hall (Room 302) 

Stone Center (Room 332) 

Study Hall Centers

ACE/Theron Montgomery Building (Main Office) 

Ayers Hall (Room 265)