Facts about Army ROTC

Founded in 1916, Army ROTC has produced more than half a million Lieutenants for America’s Army. It remains the broadest avenue for men and women seeking to serve as Officers in America’s Army. Many prominent Americans got their start through Army ROTC. The program has produced two U.S. Secretaries of State, innumerable business and civic leaders, and a female astronaut. Among the more famous graduates of the program are Colin Powell, Lenny Wilkins, Sam Walton and Nancy Jane Currie.

Career Choices:

  • Air Defense
  • Armor
  • Aviation
  • Chemical Corps
  • Engineering
  • Field Artillery
  • Army Finance Corp
  • Infantry
  • Transportation Corps
  • Medical Services
  • Military Intelligence
  • Military Police
  • Nursing Corps
  • Ordinance
  • Personnel
  • Quartermaster
  • Signal