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by Joanne E. Gates

My current project is finalizing the volume that will put together my copyrighted play, Hedda Hilda and I: A Life of Elizabeth Robins, and the paper prepared for Ohio State's First Actresses Symposium in May 2014. Title of Presentation: "First Hedda, First Hilda, and Hilda, Harnessed to a Purpose: Elizabeth Robins, Ibsen, and Women’s Suffrage." As of now, only a practice audio version of the presented paper is available (you must request the link). An expanded version will restore cuts and add asides which will help in reading this alongside the two bibliographies that I distributed at the talk and which are available below. Currently the play has been sent out for competition, but a copy can be forwarded to those interested in considering it for a non-professional reading or workshop production. (And yes, the Nomination to the National Women's Hall of Fame is submitted!)

I am also working on a paper for the November SAMLA Conference in Durham, for a panel sponsored by the Edith Wharton Society. I will connect mentions Robins made of Wharton and her works to the stronger streak of feminist heroine in the fiction of Robins.

Gates vita related to Research on Robins

Bibliography of recent Criticism, prepared for First Actresses Symposium. (See also Sue Thomas Bibliography in External Links for material prior to 1994.)

Selected papers:

Henry James’s Dictation Letter to Elizabeth Robins: "The Suffragette Movement Hot from the Oven." The Henry James Review 31 (2010; Henry James and Women special issue): 254–263.  PDF is available through ProQuest.

The Theatrical Politics of Elizabeth Robins and Bernard Shaw. From Bernard F. Dukore's volume of the conference proceedings, Shaw and the Last One Hundred Years. 1994.

The Herstory of a Button by Elizabeth Robins. Published for the first time in The American Voice (1990), with a preface by Joanne E. Gates. A school girl story from Putnam Female Seminary.

Stitches in a Critical Time The Diaries of Elizabeth Robins, American Feminist in England, 1907-1924. (Html reformat, by permission of the editors): Published in A/B -- Auto/Biography. PDF Scan of the original pages, followed by Issue Table of Contents. Winter 1988. Vol. 4, Number 2 (3-4), pages 130-139. 

"Elizabeth Robins and the 1891 Production of Hedda Gabler." Modern Drama 28.4  (December 1985): 611-619. Originating from a paper for a Special Session, "Ibsen Campaign in London," Modern Language Association Convention; New York, New York, December 1983. PDF from purchased offprint.

From A Dark Lantern to The Convert (A study of her fictional style and feminist viewpoint), article published in the Neglected Authors double issue of Massachusetts Studies in English (1978/9). PDF scan.