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Work Order Requests

Work order requests come from students, staff, or faculty asking for minor maintenance or repairs. Work order requests may include plumbing problems, light replacement, locks, controllable heating and cooling equipment, etc. Work begins on your request as soon as possible after it is received, and minor issues can be handled in a couple of hours to two or three days using existing shop materials.

Emergencies receive immediate attention. We define an emergency as a situation in which human life is at high risk, serious injury is likely, or when significant damage or destruction of property and/or building is probable.  Emergency work requests can be telephoned into the work receptionist at extension 5450 or by filling out the online form below.

Online Work Order Request Form

Minor Construction Projects

These are narrative requests for renovation or improvements that involve more time-consuming repairs, construction or minor alterations, and should be submitted on Form #29 by the Budget Manager of the requesting department. This request may include work that will require significant labor, procurement of materials, or the services of a contractor. The Physical Plant Department will visit the site and develop an estimate on Section "B" of Form #29, then return it to the requesting department. The Minor Construction Request must have the authorization to use an account number of the requester's department budget. These controls ensure that the work will be reviewed at the proper level before starting, and that sufficient funds are available to complete the work. The type of work determines whether the requesting department will be charged. Please see the following section on fees for further clarification.

Minor Construction Requests may involve estimating, planning, ordering of materials, scheduling, and monitoring the progress and quality of the work. Because we do not have the resources to respond to all requests as they are received, they are prioritized by the Physical Plant Department and scheduled accordingly. Your budget manager should be able to assist you with the details of preparing a Minor Construction Request.


The cost of routine maintenance and the repair of grounds, buildings, built-in equipment, and utility systems is borne by the Physical Plant Department. Materials for remodeling, renovations or construction of offices  will be charged to the department asking for the project. Furniture is expected to be obtained by the requesting department to fulfill their specific needs. If commercial products are not available, then a construction project for the special furniture can be approved, scheduled and initiated. The requesting department will be charged only for the cost of the materials; labor costs will not be charged back to the department.

When department funding is involved, the Physical Plant will provide an estimate of the cost of material prior to beginning the work. If the estimate is accepted, the work will be scheduled and materials obtained. When the work has been completed, the requesting department will be charged the actual cost of the material, not the estimated cost.

This system of charging the various academic departments for the materials for special projects makes it possible for the Physical Plant Department to develop and control its budget.

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