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The Payroll Office is responsible for processing payroll for all JSU employees. Payments are distributed by three separate payrolls:


Biweekly web time sheets are available and due per the schedule published under the Calendars section.


Monthly time sheets are sent to each department approximately the third week of each month. Monthly classified employees are required to complete and sign the previously-provided supplemental grid. The time sheet is an exception report for non-classified employees.  Monthly faculty and staff employees are paid on the first banking business day (Monday - Friday) of the month.

The employee is considered at work unless some type of leave or other exception is reported. When an employee takes time off for any reason, an Absence Report must be completed, signed by the supervisor, and returned with the time sheet.


Prior to the first day of work, student workers are required to report to Human Resources to complete paperwork in order to be added to the payroll system. Student workers are paid monthly. The student payroll time sheets are sent to each department by the last week of each month. The time sheets are to be completed and signed by the student. Should a student worker not be available when time sheets are distributed, the Student Certification of Hours Worked can be completed and attached to their time sheet.  The Budget Manager verifies the hours worked and signs the time sheet authorizing payment. Students are paid on the 15th of the month following the end of the pay period. Should the 15th fall on a weekend or a holiday, payments will be disbursed the following business day.

Budget managers should check the names printed on the time sheet to be sure all employees are listed and sign the time sheet authorizing payment. Time sheets are to be returned to the Payroll Office by the date and time indicated for processing.  Pay stubs are disbursed via email on pay day. Employees are responsible for printing their own pay stubs.

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