Canvas Up Transition Team

Canvas Transition Team

The Canvas Transition Team is made up of all individuals working directly with JSU's transition to Canvas. These individuals include Online@JSU staff, Canvas Coaches, and Early Adopters.

Experience with Canvas is not necessary to join the transition team.

Canvas Coach

Canvas Coaches are among the first to have access to Canvas and will attend the earliest trainings to learn more about our new LMS. Canvas Coaches will begin training sometime during spring 2018 semester. A Canvas Coach becomes an early expert in Canvas in order to share experiences with colleagues and the JSU campus. Presenting face-face workshops, testing the Canvas environment, and providing feedback to Online@JSU are some of the important tasks for a Canvas Coach. After Canvas is the default LMS on campus (fall 2019), coaches will provide just-in-time support for colleagues and other users. The Canvas Coach is a critical part of the Canvas Up Team and works closely with Online@JSU staff. A Canvas Coach may also choose to be an Early Adopter.

Early Adopter

As early as spring 2019, a few course offerings will use Canvas instead of Blackboard. Early Adopters provide the valuable service of testing Canvas in a live environment. Early Adopters attend preliminary trainings to be among the first Canvas experts on campus. Along with students, Early Adopters provide feedback regarding the Canvas experience to Online@JSU staff and assist in troubleshooting and make suggestions for improvements. An Early Adopter may also choose to be a Canvas Coach.


In addition to Canvas Coaches and Early Adopters, Online@JSU needs further assistance including intermittent focus groups, tool testing, feedback, and other behind-the-scenes work.

Are you interested in being part of the Canvas Transition Team? For more information, email