Project 3: Video/Audio Editing and Enhancement

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Step 1- Choose Video Editing Tool

In step 2, you will edit and enhance your screencast or another video you created. There are many free and paid video editing and enhancement tools. Camtasia is one of the more popular tools among educators. If you plan to create a lot of videos with special features, the price is well worth it. See the list of tools below for other possible tools.

Video Editing Tools

YouTube Editor ($0- Online)
Screencast-O-Matic Editor ($15 per year- Windows and Mac)
Open Shot ($0- Windows and Mac)
iMovie ($0- Mac)
Camtasia ($179 Academic Pricing-Windows and Mac)

Spend time with the chosen screencast/edit tool. Create a few screen casts. Make annotations. Save files to your computer. Learn the capabilities of the editor.

Step 2- Edit Video from Project 1

While you may choose any tool you wish, for demonstration this step uses YouTube which aligns easily with the screencast created in project 1.

YouTube video editor is limited but offers basic tools to edit and enhance your video. For example, with the YouTube video editor, you can:

  • Add text call-outs
  • Create click-able links
  • Improve audio and video quality
  • Apply special effects such as slow motion, transitions, and color changes
  • Delete, trim, and combine videos

Download YouTube Screencast

If you plan to use an editing tool other than YouTube, you will need a video file of your screencast from project 1. You can easily download videos from your YouTube account. See Download YouTube Video Instructions.

Editing and Enhancing Ideas


Annotated and Links in Videos

Tutorials (YouTube)

Video Editor

Step 3- Share Edited/Enhanced Version of Screencast

If you edited your video directly in YouTube, use the same process as in project 1 to copy and paste the video URL to the Online@JSU Community. Make sure the link (URL) is the correct one for the edited/enhanced version.

If a different tool was used for edits, you will need to upload your new version to YouTube in order to share it publicly via a link.

Post your link in a post in the Online@JSU Community. Add a description of the changes you made in your video.

This post is the final submission for project 3.

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