SGA Announces Spring General Election

SGA Announces Spring General Election


The Student Government Association will hold JSU’s annual Spring General Election on Thursday, March 9. Students will be able to vote online from 12 a.m. to 4 p.m. at The candidates for Executive Office will give speeches and debate during an open forum on Monday, March 6, at 5 p.m. in the Theron Montgomery Building auditorium.

The candidates are:

Ranger Rumrill

Vice President of Student Senate
Hayden Clay
Lucas Taliaferro

Vice President of Student Activities
Christopher Abernathy
Chelsea Carlisle
Kasey Gamble

Vice President of Organizational Affairs
Carrigan Hicks
Katelin Molan
Breon Moore

Chief Justice
Brittany Cangialosi
Hunter Limbaugh
Luke Wood

Director of Publicity
Katie East
Miranda Fairel
Ja’Nasia Fort
Bethany Hunt
Tyler Gay

Student Senate (You will be able to vote for up to three)
Coleman Amason
William Arrington
Malin Barber
Jesse Battles
Rebekah Beasley
Jenna Bennett
Whitney Bennett
Mohammed Bouzouba
Bailee Bryant
Kaitlynn Campbell
Evan Clark
William Daniel
Tyler Elsberry
Laci Gurganus
Clay Hardin
DeLena Harris
Hailye Hatton
Gregory Heathcock
Ulises Herrera
Ethan Jackson
Corin Manning
William Milner
Hannah Nelson
Brad Nevels
Olivia Parsons
Taylor Register
Abbie Shipp
Beau Steelman
Jonathan Summerlin
Desmond Thomas
Macy Thomas
Philip Tice
Ty Tidwell
Chase Todd
Steven Trotter
Rachel Wallace
Abbey Warren
Kyra Watal
Anna Whatley

Mr. Jax State
Jay Boatwright
Blake Brown
Kyle Burt
Lanson Jones
Chase Ray
Ben Williams

Miss. Jax State
Madison Buchanan
Mattie Griffith
DeLena Harris
Trenity Poe
Anna Grace Whitworth

Mr. Friendly
Beau Steelman
Chase Todd

Miss. Friendly
Bailee Bryant
Claire Davis
Olivia Parsons
Reyna Ramirez
Ashley Stephens