Dr. Manabu Saeki Explores Shifts in America's Political Parties in Second Book

Dr. Manabu Saeki Explores Shifts in America's Political Parties in Second Book


Dr. Manabu Saeki (courtesy)

By Mary Fowler

Dr. Manabu Saeki, a political science professor at Jacksonville State, has recently published his second book entitled, “The Phantom of a Polarized America: The Myths and Truths of an Ideological Divide.” Dr. Saeki gathered information on the divide of the Republican and Democratic parties for two years before concluding his book.

Saeki envisions his book to reach scholars to interpret his findings. The intended message for politically interested readers is that the nation is not actually divided. Instead the Republicans became more conservative.
When asked to explain a common myth he discovered Saeki stated most people believe that, “Conservative political leaders became more conservative and liberal leaders became more liberal which is not the case.” Instead he went on to say, “According to his research on Congress, Republican officials became more conservative in the past twenty years. However, the Democratic party did not change.”

saekibookSaeki was awarded the JSU Raymond and Ruth Ringer Faculty Award in 2015 based on the two books he has written along with publications and scholarly activity in prominent academic journals such as The British Journal of Political Science and The Public Opinion Quarterly.

When he is not writing about the statistical findings on American politics, you can find Dr. Saeki teaching classes such as Research Methods, Public Administration, and Intro to American Government at Jacksonville State University.