Joe Whitmore Promoted to Associate VP for Business and Auxiliary Services

Joe Whitmore Promoted to Associate VP for Business and Auxiliary Services


Jacksonville State University Director of Institutional Support Services Joe Whitmore will assume the title of Associate Vice President for Business and Auxiliary Services effective May 1. In his new role Whitmore will tackle responsibilities in the area of budgeting, capital funding and real estate transactions, plus the development of a comprehensive facilities management and rentals plan for university-owned properties. He will also retain many of the duties he has overseen as ISS Director. 

Before joining JSU in 1994, Whitmore acquired a great deal of experience and knowledge in the banking industry that would later benefit the university. He was directly involved in municipal bond issuance, financial analysis and management planning, as well as real estate transactions, law and acquisitions. 

During the 22 years Whitmore has been employed at the university, his roles have evolved from Director of Business Services to Director of Institutional Analysis to the title he will soon leave behind. He is responsible for the contract negotiations and compliance for the university’s dining operations, bookstore, vending, and mail center. He led the creation and implementation of the campus transportation system and parking restructure, which he will continue to oversee. 

Whitmore has two degrees from JSU, a Bachelor of Science in Finance with a minor in real estate and an MBA. He has attended numerous schools and seminars to further his education and maintain or acquire new certifications. He is a Certified Auxiliary Service Professional and a recipient of a certificate from the College Business Management Institute at the University of Kentucky.