JSU Gets Flipped

JSU Gets Flipped


By Heather Greene

Dubbed the “flipped classroom hero,” Dr. Erik Christensen presented “Flipping the Classroom: Real Advice from a REAL professor” to JSU faculty and staff on Nov. 14. Citing proven successful statistics he has seen in his own classroom, Christensen advocated for ways to make the classroom a more engaging atmosphere by “flipping” the work done inside class and outside of class.

Coupling today’s latest technology with fun in-class activities and out-of-class networking, Christensen’s techniques have resulted in his having “more smiles than frowns” in class and having to literally push students out of the classroom after class time is up. Now that JSU faculty and staff members have heard this lecture, JSU students need to be prepared to have their classroom experiences flipped!

The workshop was organized by the JSU Faculty Commons. For more information on classroom flipping and other education technology techniques, call 256-782-5806.