JSU Small Business Development Center Recognized by Small Business Administration

JSU Small Business Development Center Recognized by Small Business Administration


The Jacksonville State University Small Business Development Center was recognized on Wednesday, August 6, 2014 at the Small Business Authority Lender’s Conference for their faithful service to the foundation and development of local businesses in northeast Alabama.

The award comes from the Small Business Administration, who funds the seven Small Business Development Centers throughout Alabama. 

When asked about the significance of the award, Program Coordinator Ken Grissom shared, “This award is not awarded annually but is only awarded periodically. It is only the second time in the state of Alabama that an SBDC has been awarded this award.”

The Small Business Administration recognizes JSU’s SBDC for consistently meeting and exceeding the requirements and benchmarks that are placed upon them each year. 

Their never-ending service to the local economy has not gone unnoticed. Last year alone, the SBDC met with and counseled almost 500 clients, offering services that range from starting a business from the ground up, forming business plans and assisting ongoing businesses that are looking to expand or even sell their current business.  

Each year, the Small Business Administration establishes goals for the SBDC that are to be attained and kept track of throughout the year. The SBA keeps track of how many jobs are created, how many new businesses are created and many other statistics that show how efficient and productive each center has been over the course of that year. 

Time and time again, JSU has been recognized for its service and never-ending dedication to entrepreneurs in our area.  Covering seven counties throughout Northeast Alabama, the JSU Small Business Development Center truly lives out their motto of “Assisting Alabama businesses, one business at a time.” 

The services provided by the center are free to the public, and all information is kept totally confidential.  Each year, as hundreds of men and women pour into the SBDC, the expectations to go above and beyond the call of duty stay the same.  For 34 years, the center has consistently surpassed those expectations.  Even in the midst of a struggling economy, the JSU Small Business Development Center continues to set an example of hard work and dedication that reaches across the country. 

The staff of four carries a large load.  Joe Grimes, an account executive in the center, stresses the fact that, although they are federally funded, they are a direct voice into the community for JSU.  When clients come to the center for counseling, they come expecting the best service possible.  The year in and year out success of the center just goes to show the investment and attention that Jacksonville State University has placed in the SBDC. 

The efficiency and quality of work is unparalleled in the area. It is only fitting that the Small Business Development Center received this very prestigious award.  The many hours of counseling and meeting with clients have not been overlooked.  The millions of dollars of economic impact the SBDC will have on the economy will only grow for years to come.  In this current economic climate, it is astounding that the SBDC continues to grow and affect thousands of men and women every year through both business development and job creation that comes from their hard work and dedication. 

After 34 years, the JSU Small Business Development Center has never ceased to be at the top of it class, and this award goes to show that their drive and determination to help the men and women in our area is something that will remain a constant for years to come. 

For more information about JSU’s Small Business Development Center, please call (256) 782-5271.