SGA Initiates Shirt Swap Day to Increase Campus Pride

SGA Initiates Shirt Swap Day to Increase Campus Pride


GO! Leaders Danleigh McDaniel and Alex Smith wear their Gamecock gear with pride. (Steve Latham/JSU)

The Student Government Association at Jacksonville State University is implementing a new initiative to increase the amount of Gamecock gear worn around campus by providing inexpensive new JSU "swag" to students. 

The SGA Shirt Swap program is designed to increase school pride by incentivizing the act of wearing JSU gear on campus. The SGA will host "swaps" each Friday before a home football game from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.

The SGA will set up in the TMB Lobby to collect shirts that depict another university’s logo from students. In turn, the student will receive a voucher to go toward a brand new Cocky shirt from the University Bookstore. 

“We’re accomplishing two goals really,” said SGA President Brett Johnson. “On one hand, we’re helping increase the visibility of JSU and school pride among our students. On the other, we’re helping bring back the signature SGA ‘Cocky’ shirt, which everyone loves, by making it less expensive to students.”

The SGA is partnering with Barnes & Noble on this new initiative. The first 20 students who participate in the swap each Friday will be given their new Cocky shirt completely for free. 

After the first 20 have been served, students will receive a Cocky shirt for only $5.00—a 75 percent discount. If a student does not want a Cocky shirt, or does not have the $5.00 to spare, they can choose to receive another shirt provided by the SGA for free. All shirts collected by the SGA will be donated to charity. 

“The SGA Executive Officers set a list of collective goals early into our terms,” said Johnson. “Among them was the broader goal of increasing school pride on campus. I think this program will help us make progress toward reaching that goal.” 

“And giving back to the students is really what the SGA is all about,” said Johnson. “Our students pay so much money to go here, put in so much time and effort; why not repay them with a free (or very cheap) token of our appreciation?”

The SGA encourages all students to participate in the new program and to wear their new shirts on Fridays to support the JSU Gamecocks!