Members Sought for Student Alabama Education Association

Members Sought for Student Alabama Education Association


The Student Alabama Education Associaton (SAEA) is a student-directed, faculty-sponsored, pre-service professional organization for students who are enrolled in, or who are interested in enrolling in, the teacher education program. This organization provides an opportunity for students with shared aspirations for teaching to be supportive of each other’s efforts, to make connections with other educators and pre-service teachers in our state, and to foster wholesome interactions between students and the teacher education faculty. Membership in this organization qualifies students to become members of the Alabama Education Association for students.

Are you interested in taking an active role in the JSU chapter of SAEA? JSU's chapters has one of the largest memberships in our state, but it has not been active for the past several years. We want to change that and would like to invite you to take a part in it!

The joint conference of the SAEA and the Future Teachers of Alabama (FTA) will be held on March 7 – 9 in Florence. The JSU chapter would like to send members to the conference to get ideas for our chapter and make connections with other pre-service teachers in our state. If you are interested in participating, email Dr. Johns at by Friday, February 21. We look forward to hearing from you!

If there are any questions or if additional information is needed, please contact Dr. Johns at or 782-5167.