JSU Welcomes New Faculty

JSU Welcomes New Faculty



Jacksonville State University welcomes our new faculty members.

In the photo are:

1- Myrna Williamson (Assistant Professor Nursing)
2- Tracy Windle (Assistant Professor Secondary Education)
3- Jennifer Crosson (Instructor Health, PE & Recreation)
4- Eric Best (Assistant Professor Emergency Management)
5- Heather McDivitt (Instructor Mathematical,Computing and Information Sciences)
6- Donna Perygin (Assistant Professor Physical & Earth Sciences)
7- Karen Scroggin (Instructor Nursing)
8- Jamie Runnells (Associate Professor Art)
9- Sarah Miles (Assistant Professor Art)
10- Makenzie Bayles (Instructor Psychology)
11- Matthew Jarvis (Assistant Professor Art)
12- Michael J. Boynton (Assistant Professor Drama)
13- Christie Calhoun (Instructor Curriculum & Instruction)
14- Jeremy Ross (Assistant Professor Sociology & Social Work)
15- Samuel Chukwuemeka (Instructor Mathematical, Computing and Information Sciences)
16- Jonathan Carroll (Instructor Military Science)
17- Gretchen Richards (Assistant Professor Emergency Management)
18- Stephen Tsikalas (Assistant Professor Physical & Earth Sciences)
19- Douglas White (Visiting Assistant Professor Physical & Earth Sciences)
20- Donna Etheredge (Instructor Nursing)
21- Melissa Duckett (Instructor Nursing)

Photo by Steve Latham/JSU