Schedule Announced for Houston Cole Library Roof Repairs

Schedule Announced for Houston Cole Library Roof Repairs


Following a pre-construction meeting with the re-roofing contractor, Alabama Roofing of Anniston, JSU's Physical Plant offers offer the following information regarding the roof repairs at the Houston Cole Library. Repairs will commence on Monday, April 22:

  • Contractor will mobilize Monday April 22nd.  Contract time-line allows 60 calendar days.
  • Contractor will be provided the faculty parking lot between McGee Hall & Houston Cole Library.  This lot will be blocked off for the duration of the project as the crane, materials, and temporary construction facilities will be positioned in this lot.  Equipment & materials will be hoisted to/from this area above the cooling tower & handicap ramp.  Therefore, the contractor will have crew members posted at the top and bottom of the handicap entrance communicating with the crane operator. 
    • When materials are being hoisted, no one can be underneath the travel path of the equipment & materials.  Pedestrians will be forced to wait until the crane's path is clear.
    • The bulk of the lifts will be the first week and will hopefully subside after the demolition is completed and the new roofing materials hoisted up.
    • Construction signs, additional barricades, barrels, tape, etc. will be placed to better highlight these areas.
  • Contractor will enter the building via the loading dock.  They will not be allowed to park in this area, only pick-up & drop-off.
  • Contractor will utilize the service elevator for access to the roof area.
  • Contractor will have temporary restroom facilities in the designated parking lot and is not allowed to utilize building facilities.
  • The 70'x70' tapered insulation roof system at the highest point is being completely replaced (what remains of it).
  • There are approximately 9 metal roof panels that were damaged and they will be replaced as well.
  • The antenna will not be replaced.  Any transmitting items are being relocated to alternate locations.  Therefore, the skyline of the roof will remain clean.

These are highlights of this project thus far.  If necessary, we will forward additional communication ASAP.  As with any project, we ask for each individual’s patience and awareness.  There will be major construction in the area of the Houston Cole Library and Martin & McGee Halls that is altering your typical traffic flow and access to facilities & parking lots.  Thank you.

David B. Thompson
Assistant Director, Physical Plant