JSU to Host Portion of John Pelham Commemorative Celebration

JSU to Host Portion of John Pelham Commemorative Celebration


During the weekend of March 16-17, the City of Jacksonville will hold a commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the death of Major John Pelham, CSA, dubbed The Gallant Pelham by General Robert E. Lee.

The field in front of Kennamer Hall on the JSU Campus will be one of four encampment sites throughout the city where reenactors dressed in period clothing will pitch their tents for the weekend and share with the city what it was like to live during the Civil War era. In addition to the JSU site, there will be encampments in front of the First Presbyterian Church (across from Jacksonville City Hall), and on either side of Pelham Road South at the Eighty Oaks intersection. 

John Pelham was an artillery officer who served with the Confederate cavalry under J.E.B. Stuart during the American Civil War. Dubbed "The Gallant Pelham" by Robert E. Lee for his military prowess and personal courage, Pelham revolutionized the usage of light artillery as a mobile arm of the cavalry.

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Below is the complete schedule of events for the commemorative weekend: