Bibb Graves HVAC Replacement Project Schedule for Weeks 3-4: March 16-31

Bibb Graves HVAC Replacement Project Schedule for Weeks 3-4: March 16-31


Bibb Graves HVAC Replacement Project

Project Schedule Weeks 3 & 4:  March 16th – March 31st

First Floor:

  • No work in offices
  • Work in mechanical room & chase behind north restrooms
  • Contractor entrance is designated as North End.  Barricades & signage installed.

Second Floor:

  • No work in offices next week.  Contractor will be in offices the week of AEA.
  • No work in the hallway next week.  The hallway ceiling will be removed during AEA Week.  All existing HVAC equipment will be removed.
  • Work in chase behind restroom/janitor’s closet next week.

Third Floor:

  • Core drilling will be completed by Saturday March 16th.
  • Contractor will be installing duct, grills, & diffusers in the ceilings near the cut holes.
  • Equipment and duct will continue to be hung in the hallways.
  • Hope to have heating and cooling restored to entire third floor first week of April.


  • Contractor will complete setting units and installing ductwork through the concrete ceiling down into 3rd floor ceilings.


  • Large crane tentatively scheduled for Friday March 22nd to set new units on the roof.  Crane will be located on the quad side of the building.  Some quad exits & sidewalks will be blocked & clearly marked.

Important Notes:

  • For all offices on the second floor:  contractor will be in these offices during AEA week.  Please make sure you secure sensitive materials and personal belongings.
  • For all offices on the first floor:  contractor is not scheduled to be in these areas until April.  However, since you won’t be here AEA week, you should consider next week as your final week to prepare.
  • PPD will have a JSU HVAC Technician on site with the contractor at all times including nights and weekends.  These personnel will accompany & oversee work performed in in office areas.  If you require additional security, please contact us immediately so that we may make proper accommodations.
  • AEA Week March 23rd – 31st:  Contractor will be working long hours with multiple crews.  It is strongly encouraged that all personnel stay out of the facility at this time.  If anyone must have access to their offices, we will need to communicate this with the contractor.