Office of the Controller Announces Accounts Payable Direct Deposit

Office of the Controller Announces Accounts Payable Direct Deposit


The Jacksonville State University Office of the Controller is pleased to announce the ability to pay employees via direct deposit (ACH) for non-payroll items. Effective August 13, 2012, reimbursements from JSU Accounts Payable will be deposited directly into your bank account, with no waiting for a check to be mailed. Notification of payment will be sent to you via e-mail. Direct deposit will be mandatory for all employee travel or other reimbursement payments.


You will get an email confirming the amount of your reimbursement and the date it was transmitted to your bank.

Confirm with your financial institution that your reimbursement has been deposited into your account before writing checks against these funds.

In the unlikely event that your bank does not accept the direct deposit, Accounts Payable will review the problem and notify you.

Initially, payments will be deposited into the primary account on file with Payroll. However, if a change is required for the reimbursement deposit, the employee must complete the Direct Deposit Authorization For Reimbursements Via Accounts Payable.

Send completed form or fax to (256) 782-5967.

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