Information about JSU Wireless Access

Information about JSU Wireless Access


JSU-Fast and JSU-Housing

The wireless system for JSU-Fast and JSU-Housing is new to our campus.  It is an enterprise system and has the security features of an enterprise system.  This means when the wireless enabled user device goes into sleep mode and turns off the wireless interface, the user loses the connection.  This will require the user to re-establish the connection, by whatever means are necessary for the device, e.g.,  clicking on the wireless icon and choosing the appropriate connection, forcing the device to forget the wireless network, performing a hard shut down, etc.  These actions will require the user to re-authenticate (login again with the username and password).  If the user wants to avoid having to re-authenticate after inactivity of a few minutes, they can adjust the sleep mode/auto lock on their device to a longer interval.  However, this does have the effect of using more battery power and will shorten the time between re-charging.


This is the older wireless system on campus.  It does cache user credentials in most cases for a period of time.  This means when the user device turns on after an inactivity shutdown (when the wireless interface has been turned off) the user may not have to re-authenticate.  This is an inherit difference between the new system and old system.  The old system does not have the same level of security.  The new system does have a higher level of security but that is for the end user's and JSU's protection.