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Debunking Common Myths about Online Classes at JSU

Myth #1: There are few online programs or courses offered at JSU.
Fact #1: In Fall 2009 there were 181 online courses. As of Fall 2009, there are 19 online degrees and programs from which students could choose.

Myth #2: Online courses do not have the same quality learning experience as face-to-face, traditional courses.
Fact #2: According to the student evaluation of distance education services given at the end of each fall and spring term, since Spring 2005, 91% of students completing their evaluations report the same or better learning experience in an online course as that of a traditional on-campus course.

Myth #3: Online courses, certificates, and degrees are not accredited.
Fact #3: Jacksonville State University is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award bachelor's, master's, and educational specialist's degrees. Specific areas within JSU are also accredited by national accrediting agencies. Therefore, every class you take at JSU, whether in the classroom or  online, is regionally accredited.

Myth #4: Employers won't accept degrees earned in an online format.
Fact #4: This myth is simply untrue. In fact, according to the Credibility of Online Degrees survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, "76% of human resource professionals said online degrees are viewed more favorably than five years ago. And more than half of the 573 human resource professionals that SHRM surveyed in the United States said individual courses taken through online universities rate equally with traditional university courses." Another survey conducted in 2006 by the Distance Education and Training Council indicated "100% of employers said there was no difference in performance between workers that had online degrees and those with traditional diplomas."

Myth #5: My JSU transcript will indicate which, if any, classes that I have completed online.
Fact #5: Your JSU transcript in fact has no indication of which classes are completed in the classroom and which are completed online.

Myth #6: Credits earned online will not transfer.
Fact #6: If the traditional class is accepted for transfer credit, the online class would be as well. As mentioned in a previous fact, your transcript does not indicate the format in which a class is completed.

Myth #7: Not many people take online classes at JSU.
Fact #7: In the Fall 2009 term, 3,281 students were enrolled online courses. In fact, enrollment has steadily grown since 2000.

Myth #8: I live in a dorm on campus so I cannot take online courses at JSU.
Fact #8: There are no residency requirements or restrictions for taking online courses at JSU. Whether you live on campus or in another country, JSU's online courses are open to all JSU students.

Myth #9: If I complete my degree from JSU online, I am not allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.
Fact #9: All students earning a degree from JSU are invited to participate in the graduation ceremony.

Myth #10: If I take an online class, no one will help me if I have a problem.
Fact #10: As in traditional courses, instructors of online classes are always ready to help. Additionally, the Office of Distance Education staff is available via phone and email to provide technical assistance. Distance Education's website also has a self-help knowledge base, and customized Blackboard student guides to help students navigate their way through online courses using Blackboard.

Myth #11: I have a Mac. Online courses at JSU are not compatible with my Mac.
Fact #11: Online classes that utilize Blackboard are compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. For specific system compatibility requirements for Blackboard, visit the System Requirements web page.

Myth #12: If I take an online class, I will not have a JSU professor as an instructor.
Fact #12: All faculty of JSU's online classes are employees of JSU. While faculty have various ranks and classifications from adjunct to instructor to professor, all are employed by JSU.

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