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It is recommended that students and faculty using JSU's Blackboard system have the following:
  • Computer Access - Daily access to at least two computers that meet the recommended specifications below (either through ownership or other access, such as a friend, lab computer, work, etc.). At a minimum, daily access to at least one computer is required. Planning for access to a second computer is often helpful in case issues occur in using your primary computer. For students, technical issues are often not a valid excuse for failure to complete course work.
  • Hardware - Computer should have sufficient RAM memory, storage space, and processing power for running the latest operating systems and software releases. Most newer computers will meet these hardware requirements. If you have an older computer, you may try it, but it may be insufficient for using the newest tools available in JSU's robust Blackboard environment.
  • Backup - External device for backing up data.
  • Communication - Headset with microphone and a web cam for using various collaboration tools.
  • OS - Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8; Mac OSX 10.6, 10.7, or 10.8.
  • Browser - Firefox (latest stable version) has been the most successful browser across all platforms; Internet Explorer 9 may also be used on the Windows Vista or Windows 7 platforms, or Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 7 or 8.  Safari 6.0.1 or higher may be used on Mac OSX 10.7 or higher.  Chrome (latest stable version) is also approved for both Windows and Mac platforms.
  • Java - Latest versions of JRE 6 and 7 are both supported.  (Note:  When determining which Java version to use, please consider Java compatibility with other web sites you use on a regular basis.)  Java 7 seems to be the most reliable version for most Blackboard and related functionality.
  • Internet - As a minimum, a standard level, high-speed Internet connection is recommended (3 Mb download speed or higher) for access to advanced features both in Blackboard and on the Internet in general. A wireless Internet connection may not be stable enough for Blackboard functions such as taking tests and submitting assignments; therefore, it is recommended that you use a wired connection for optimal performance.
  • Productivity - Microsoft Office 2007 or newer
  • Reader - Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Media
  • Security - Antivirus software.
  • Other - Respondus LockDown Browser - A specific download link for JSU along with installation instructions can be found on the Respondus LockDown Browser setup page.

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Updated 01/02/2014