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Blackboard Course ID Legend

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The Blackboard Course ID Defined

The following defines codes related to the course ID's assigned to Blackboard empty course shells created automatically each semester, which correspond to courses on the registration system.

The Blackboard Course ID - What is it and why is it so long?

  • The ID is made up of " Year Term Location College Dept Course Number Section Call Number". This provides not only a course ID that will always be unique, but also provides searchable components that are helpful when using various search tools in Blackboard (i.e. Guest access previews, administrative searches, etc.). This ID also provides a way to identify a specific section of a course within a specified term, which is helpful when you are teaching the same course in multiple terms and sections.

Examples of a Blackboard Course ID - What does it look like?

  • Though the order of the components is the same, some ID's may look a little different because of the varying number of characters used in some components, resulting in Blackboard Course ID's of varying overall lengths.
  • Example - " 2014FAJSUEPFCS12200126845", which is FCS 122, Section 001, CRN 26845 in the Fall 2014 term (" SP" indicates the Spring term, " JSU" is the location code used for regular terms taught at JSU, "EP" is an abbreviation for the College of Education & Professional Studies).
  • Note: JSU conducts two major regularly scheduled terms each academic year (Fall and Spring), as well as numerous Summer terms (varies each year).

The Breakdown of the ID - What does it all mean?

  • Each component identifies a group the course belongs to, but together, the entire ID represents a specific course in the registration system.
  • For a complete breakdown of the components of the ID and what each means, see "The Course ID Legend" below.

The Course ID Legend

  • Year - The year the course is being offered (i.e. 2014, 2015, etc.).
  • Term - The term or semester the course is being offered.
    • FA - Fall
    • SP - Spring
    • MY4 - May Four Week
    • MY6 - May Six Week
    • M12 - May Twelve Week
    • JN4 - June Four Week
    • JN6 - June Six Week
    • JL4 - July Four Week
  • Location - Special code used in the registration system for special identification purposes.
    • Most will be JSU
  • College - The JSU college through which the course is offered.
    • AS - Arts and Sciences
    • CB - Commerce and Business Administration
    • NU - Nursing and Health Sciences
    • EP - Education and Professional Studies
    • VP - College of Additional Curricula
  • Dept - First part of what most people think of as the traditional course ID listed in the master schedule, printed schedule booklet or catalogue. The specific department or curriculum the course is offered through (i.e. EH for English, PSY for Psychology, MGT for Management, EAD for Educational Administration, etc.).
  • Course Number - Second part of what most people think of as the traditional course ID listed in the master schedule, printed schedule booklet or catalogue. The number assigned within a department or curriculum to a series of courses (i.e. 098, 101, 350, 540, etc.).
  • Section - The unique three digit number that identifies a course within a specific course type (i.e. MS 102 section 001, MS 102 section 002). Same course taught at a different time and/or place.
  • CRN - The unique five digit number that further identifies a course within a specific semester (i.e. 10142, 24723, etc.).

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