Amanda Butler Hay

Amanda Butler Hay PhotoAmanda graduated from Jacksonville State University in August of 2010 with a Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Accounting and began her healthcare career that November.  She started working in a branch of revenue cycle improvement known as Contract Management, which blends accounting, healthcare billing, financial projection, and legal elements of contractual agreements between healthcare facilities and payers.  After working at the facility level in Gadsden, Alabama as a Contract Specialist for a little over two years, Amanda was promoted to the corporate office in Nashville, Tennessee.  She began working at Community Health Systems as a Contract Analyst with 10 facilities in which she monitored third party payer performance and implemented accounting and billing processes to reduce lost cash and enhance contract terms.  Several months into her employment she was promoted to Contract Manager where her role quickly evolved from improving aspects of the revenue cycle for 10 facilities to encompassing an entire region of hospitals.  She now serves as the Senior Level Managed Care Contract Specialist at Med Assets where they assist healthcare systems all over the globe in developing and enhancing accounting and billing practices along with providing models of future financial projections based on contract terms with payers in their areas.  Amanda states “thanks to my time at JSU, I am able to aid in improving the bottom line for facilities in and outside of our country and they, in turn, have the ability to afford qualified personnel, updated equipment, and provide quality healthcare for the people in their communities.”