Forms for Use with University Policies & Procedures Manual


Form 4 Request for Budget Change
Form 5 Capital Outlay Project
Form 6 Request for Agency Fund Account (Policy IV:03:03)
Form 7 Request for Off-Campus Printing
Form 13 Partial Shipment Form
Form 17 Invoice for Goods/Services - (Payment Due Upon Receipt)
Form 18 Repair/Replacement Work Request Form
Form 19  Request for Out-of-State & International Travel Authorization
Form 20 Professional Services Contract
Form 21 Air Fare-in-Lieu of Mileage Worksheet
Form 22 Request for Meal/Entertainment Purchases (Policy IV:03:05)
Form 23 Request for In-State Travel Reimbursement (Policy IV:06)
Form 24 Request for Out-of-State & International Travel Reimbursement (Policy IV:06)
Form 25 Lost Receipt Report
Form 27 JSU Suggestion Form
Form 28 Request for Key(s) Lock Change (Policy IV:02:01)
Form 29 Renovation and Improvement Estimate/Authorization
Form 30 Employee Warning Form (Policy I:02:10)
Form 30A Request for Personnel Action (Policy I:02:07)
Form 31 Internal Transaction Voucher 
Form 32 Copyrighted Publications Form 
Form 33 Request for Adjunct Faculty Status
Form 34 Justification for Exception to Faculty Qualifications
Form 35 Authorization for JSU-Sponsored Student Activity Form
Form 36B Leave Request Form - Biweekly
Form 36M Leave Request Form - Monthly
Form 37 Property Accountability and Transfer Form 
Form 38 Revenue Check-Up Sheet (Policy IV:02:02)
Form 39 Curriculum/Substantive Change
Form 42 Approval Form for Sponsored Project (Policy II:05:01)
Form 42A Notification of Grant Proposal Development
Form 43 Employee Separation Checklist (Exit Interview) (Policy I:02:11)
Form 44 Request for Tuition Remission (Policy I:03:02)
Form 45 Planned/Approved Workload for Extra Compensation Assignments
Note: this form is in Microsoft Excel format
Form 46 Employee Contract for Extra Compensation 
Form 48 Petty Cash Voucher
Form 49 Approval to Sell University Produced Publications
Form 50 Purchase Order Amendment (Policy IV:03:01)
Form 51 Vehicle Safety Inspection Form
Form 52 Request for Refund (Policy IV:02:02)
Form 53 Courtesy Vehicle Mileage Submission Form (Policy IV:06:02)
Form 54 Courtesy Vehicle Information Form (Policy IV:06:02)
Form 55 Information Form for Sexual Harassment Complaint (Policy I:02:05)
Form 56 University Aide Contract for Student Employment 
Form 57 Production of Public Records Cost Bill
Form 58 Request for Access to Public Records
Form 60 Accident Report
Form 61 Waiver of Event Insurance and Indemnification Agreement (Policy IV:05:02)
Form 100 Salary Distribution Form
Form 101 Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form