How Do I Access My Personal Library Records

To access your personal library record, complete the following steps:

1. Go to the Library's Main Page (

Library Homepage Snip

This is a screen shot of the Library's Main page. You cannot perform a task or search here.

2. Click on the Your Library Account link in the navigation bar on the right. Enter your Student ID and Last Name in the appropriate boxes.

Library account login graphic

This is a screen shot of the Patron Login box. You cannot enter your information here.

3. Click the Login button.
This will retrieve a list of the items you have checked out.

charged items graphicc

This is a screen shot of the Charged Items display. You cannot perform a task here .

4. The "Request Information" and "Fines And Fees" sections are below this information.

5. Once you have finished reviewing this information, make sure you click the EXIT button. If you do not exit the patron information feature, your history will be displayed.

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If you still need help, contact one of our Librarians.