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Expanding possibilities, strengthening communities.

Now, more than ever, we are focused on the safety of our students and staff. For 2021 we are ready with an updated class selection and delivery options to meet your lifelong learning needs. Whether you choose to attend class at McClellan Center or from a remote location, we are dedicated to providing accessible and innovative training, personal service, and a safe learning environment.

Stay safe, and we appreciate your patience!

We offer non-credit courses for entry-level, professional career advancement and customized training for businesses. Follow the links below for details on our current offerings and services. New classes are always being added, so visit us often.

Featured Courses

BLS For The Healthcare Provider
The American Heart Association Basic Life Support classes are back. Designed for medical and nursing students, first responders and other healthcare professionals, these 2/1/2 hour classes provide instruction on relieving choking and providing CPR for adults, children, and infants. Select a date to register online or give us a call.

July 27th - 9:00 AM ➔   July 27th - 6:00 PM ➔   July 29th - 9:00 AM ➔

Illustration of pulmonary and respiratory systems

H.O.P.E. Workshop Series
Working with the Geriatric Population

This 8-hour workshop is designed to provide nurses, social workers, counselors and other health care practitioners with resources, tools and information needed to enhance their work with the geriatric population. Lunch will be provided.

August 20th - 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM ➔

Aid attending an elderly patient


Perhaps you only need training in one particular subject. Often called open enrollment, our individual classes and workshops offer training for a wide variety of interests throughout the year (including seasonal offerings).

Why the classroom?
Although technology has made social interaction more accessible, those who prefer face-to-face communication will benefit most from classroom learning. The classroom experience offers more opportunities for group work and study sessions. It allows instant feedback from instructors and peers instead of waiting for a response on an online forum or email thread. The social aspect of a classroom setting promotes networking with others having similar interests. And, in some instances, may even present new opportunities in the workplace.

View Current Offerings

Choose from over 600 online courses on topics ranging from hobby and personal interest to the latest trending business courses. Whether you want to learn something new or get better at something you already do, our online programs will let you attain your learning goals without putting life on hold. Many of our six-week courses now offer a self-paced option.

The Online Experience
If you have a packed work schedule or limited free time, online learning may be your best choice. Probably the most significant advantage is that it can be made to fit almost any schedule. Most online courses follow a weekly format where you are expected to complete specific tasks and assignments before the end of the week. Others are available in an on-demand format that lets you set the pace entirely. In short, online learning adapts to your schedule by allowing you to complete your work anytime, anywhere, while still having time to fulfill your other commitments. Plus, there's never a problem finding a parking space!


Six-week Fundamental Courses

Advanced Career Training

Alabama Real Estate Licensing

Center for Legal Studies

Working in collaboration with General Managers, Superintendents, and other key individuals within the water industry, we have developed a certification program that serves the needs of individuals, municipalities, and industry.

Our Certified Water Treatment Program (CWTP) is designed for displaced workers, high school graduates, military veterans*, and others looking for a career in a high demand industry where:
 ·  Employment opportunities have increased by over 19% since 2010.
 ·  Over 50% of the workforce will retire within the next five to seven years.
 ·  Benefits include global demand and excellent opportunities for advancement.

Find out more about the Certified Water Treatment Program.

*JSU offers preferential placement to honorably discharged veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces.

One size does not fit all. We can custom-tailor any of our programs and host the training at your location, online, or at McClellan Center. Our programs are based on real-world applications and taught by industry experts. Tailored curriculum and flexible delivery options ensure that you and your organization get what you need when you need it. If you don't see the program you are looking for, we can develop it for you.

Find out more about our Custom-Tailored Training.

How To Register

Step 1 - Choose your class.

For In-person classes, select Registration Center in the left navigation panel. Online classes are cataloged by type under Online Learning above. Here, you can browse current offerings, register for classes, and manage your account - 24/7/365.

Step 2 - Register

From the Registration Center:

  1. Look Up Course - Follow the links fo find and select the course you want to enroll in.
  2. Add to Cart - Click the Enroll Yourself button to start the registration process.
  3. Logon - Log on to the system. Note: if you're already logged on, this step will be skipped.
  4. Select Course Options - Select the course fee options (i.e., select registration fee, add optional fees). Next, enter any other required information (i.e., student furnished materials, etc.)
  5. Add More Courses - If you want to enroll in additional courses, click the Enroll in Another Course button and repeat steps 1, 2, and 4. Otherwise, continue to step 6.
  6. Proceed to Checkout - Once you have added all the desired courses to your Enrollment Cart, click the Proceed to Checkout button to continue the registration process.
  7. Make Payment - Edit your personal information if necessary. Then click the Payment Service button to continue on to the appropriate Payment Service.
  8. Registration Confirmed - When you are finished with the payment process, the Transaction Completed page will be displayed, notifying you that you are enrolled. A confirmation email with the registration specifics is also sent to your email address. At this time, you can safely log off the system.

Note: A signed Parental Consent Form is required for all registrants under 19 years old.

Call (256) 782-5918 or (800) 634-7199 with the course name(s), number(s), and additional information requested on the Registration Form. (Credit card required)

Note: A signed Parental Consent Form is required for all registrants under 19 years old.

Download and complete the Registration Form and fax to (256) 782-5983, or email to

DO NOT fax or email credit card info. Please include a phone number that we can use to contact you for payment.

Note: A signed Parental Consent Form is required for all registrants under 19 years old.

Download and complete the Registration Form and mail it along with your credit card information, check, or business purchase order to:

Continuing Education & Outreach
100 Gamecock Drive
Anniston, AL 36205

Note: A signed Parental Consent Form is required for all registrants under 19 years old.

Visit our offices on the first floor of JSU McClellan Center, M-F, between 8:00 am until 4:30 pm.*
*Onsite staffing may be limited due to COVID 19. Please call (256) 782-5918 or (800) 634-7199 to confirm an appointment.

Note: A signed Parental Consent Form is required for all registrants under 19 years old.

Step 3 - Attend your class.

Attend your class(es) in person, or access your online class(es) with the user name, password, and login instructions you received at registration.

Third-party Billing

Sponsoring agencies must complete an Authorization for Payment Form* before third-party billing can be approved and processed. This form is also available for download in PDF format.
We invite businesses and other organizations to set up an account. *A corresponding Purchase Order should accompany this form at the time of enrollment.