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28 June 2007
VA Tech's President Sends Letter of Appreciation
for Condolences Extended from Jacksonville State

On behalf of the Virginia Tech family, Dr. Charles W. Steger, President of Virginia Tech University, sent a letter of appreciation for the messages of care and concern received from JSU President Bill Meehan on behalf of the JSU family and from members of the JSU community at-large following the tragedy their University recently suffered.

Regretting he can not respond individually to those sending expressions of condolence, Dr. Steger writes on behalf of the Virginia Tech community:
We sincerely thank you for the kind messages of care and concern you sent to us. These have lifted our spirits and greatly aided us in the dark days surrounding this tragic event.

Your thoughtfulness reminds us as well of the beauty and goodness in the world and helps give us strength to go forward.

We hope you will continue to keep the Virginia Tech family in your thoughts and prayers as we begin to recover from this tragedy.

As much as we deeply appreciate each and every message, we regret that we cannot respond individually to the thousands upon thousands of cards, letters, and other expressions of sympathy and support. But, please be assured that we are humbled and thankful for this outpouring of care and the reassurance that it provides.

Again, we are most grateful for your thoughtfulness and send you our wishes for peace.


Charles W. Steger
President, Virginia Tech University

See Dr. Meehan's letter of condolence sent to Virginia Tech University 

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