As educators, we do not provide the answers. We provide the experiences, environments, and expectations that allow learners to discover the answers.

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Commitment 3

In an age of rapid educational change and innovation, we will continue to advance our capacity for creating diverse, meaningful, and accessible learning opportunities that prepare all learners (faculty, staff, students, community members) for success.


Purple Number One


Provide learning experiences that connect learners with real-world knowledge, skills, and opportunities.


Objective 1: Expand the use of High-Impact Learning in undergraduate and graduate programs.

Objective 2: Expand the utilization of technology to support students, faculty, and staff.

Objective 3: Develop formal mentorship programs (e.g., faculty to faculty, staff to staff, student to student, faculty to student).

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Purple Number Two


Create and provide new learning environments characterized by modern facilities, technological enhancements, active learning, and engaging instruction.


Objective 1: Increase the number of flexible, technology-enhanced learning spaces that promote active teaching and learning.

Objective 2: Continuously evaluate campus academic and non-academic spaces to renovate and/or build new facilities as needed.

Objective 3: Provide learners access to active learning opportunities, engaging instruction, sustainable training, and professional development.

Objective 4: Increase utilization of existing learning spaces on campus.

Purple Number Three


Promote and assess critical thinking, essential employability skills, diversity and inclusion, and successful degree completion in all learning experiences and environments.


Objective 1: Enhance efforts to ensure student success.

Objective 2: Transform teaching and learning across programs and experiences.

Objective 3: Cultivate a diverse, equitable and inclusive community


JSU MFA Graduate Students /// Shankar Dayal, Lulu Hamissou, and Taylor Weaver

JSU Associate Professor of Graphic Design /// Chad Anderson