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19 October 2007

Photo Feature By Steve Latham

Valencia Cantrell
JSU's 2007 Homecoming Queen

Valencia Cantrell was crowned as JSU's 2007 Homecoming Queen at Paul Snow Stadium during a joint Homecoming Pep Rally/Queen Crowning Ceremony held Thursday evening, October 18, 2007. Valencia, escorted by Terrell Montgomery, is being introduced here to the crowd assembled on the north side of the stadium for this joint pep rally/crowning ceremony.

JSU's Homecoming Queen joins in with the group during the pep rally/crowning ceremony held jointly.

Valencia's friends and supporters share the excitement of the evening upon hearing the announcement that their candidate had been selected as the Queen.

Sororities and fraternities are well represented as they participate in the Homecoming events.

JSU mascot "Cocky" mingles among the students while joining in a cheer.

The Marching Ballerinas add their unique flair to the Homecoming celebration.

The Marching Southerners fill the night air with their awe-inspiring sounds.

JSU's cheerleaders lead the crowd in cheers for a Homecoming 2007 victory.

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