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20 December 2007

JSU Administrator and Professor Joe Delap
to Attend Prestigious Hess Faculty Seminar

Dr. Joe Delap

Dr. Joe Delap, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor of Foreign Languages, has been accepted to participate in the 2008 Hess Faculty Seminar, January 2-8 at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC. According to the Museum's announcement, "[t]he Seminar consists of presentations and discussions about the history of the Holocaust, particularly the actions, interactions, and motivations of perpetrators, victims and bystanders. Special attention will be given to the relationships among these three groups, the 'gray zones' between them, and the many people who fit more than one of those labels. Pedagogical sessions will also be included, featuring participant-facilitated discussions on classroom teaching methods and roundtable discussions on teaching strategies across multiple disciplines."

Those chosen to participate in the seminar must be faculty members of accredited, degree-awarding institutions (baccalaureate, the equivalent, or higher) in North America. A maximum of 20 participants are accepted for the seminar annually.

Dr. Delap team-taught a course on Holocaust History and Literature with Dr. Russel Lemmons, Professor of History, during May Term of this year.

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